Mystic Sushi Restaurant: A delicious experience

Restaurant Mystic Sushi Restaurant
Restaurant Mystic Sushi Restaurant Tower

We arrived around 7 pm. A couple of diners were enjoying their meal in the restaurant with a large open terrace, nice breeze, soft lighting and relaxing background music. For those who have not yet visited the recently opened Mystic Sushi in Uvita, they will be surprised to be greeted by Rocío Chaverri and Juan José Barrantes (Jota), owners of the successful Sushi in Dominical that this year celebrated its 12th anniversary. “To be closer to our customers and very grateful for their support for so many years, we decided to open a second restaurant in Uvita, the Mystic Sushi” said Rocío

Sushi is of Japanese origin based on rice that is usually accompanied with sesame, trout, it can be raw or smoked, marinated with rice vinegar, sugar, salt and other ingredients, such as vegetables, fish, and seafood. It is one of the most recognized dishes of Japanese cuisine and one of the most popular internationally “Identified with the taste and abundance of the fresh produce found in the South Pacific, we adopt typical accompaniments with fish or fruits,” added Jota.

We ordered hot Sake and a cold Sapporo (Japanese beer). In depth, we studied the ample menu with a variety of appetizers and Sushi, vegetarian options, soups and Sashimi. If you have weight issues, Sashimi is a good choice because it has more fish and less carbohydrates

For us the Sushi experience had started: We tasted the Miso soup and the Ahí Poke salad which is similar to a burrito bowl. Delicate flavors and ingredients like fish and vegetables al dente, sometimes with a touch of sweet, others spicy… We continued with sushi, rolls of eel and another plate with crunchy rolls with shrimp and avocado toasted in sesame seeds

The atmosphere is exquisite, the flavors, the attention, the drink and the food! We are very happy to have enjoyed a delicious light and energizing dinner

Congratulations to Rocio and Jota for bringing Japanese flavors to Uvita. We welcome you to the Ballena Marine Business Center!

By Dagmar Reinhard

Contact Info:  8826 7946 / 7018 9935
Lunch & Dinner | 1 - 10 pm | WiFi | Business Center | Marino Ballena (next to Cabinas Gato)

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