Mysterious Underwater Structure Discovered In The Pacific of Costa Rica


Something is down there, but what is it?

A mysterious underwater structure has been discovered in the Pacific 300 miles off the west coast of Costa Rica near Cocos Island. Is it a natural formation, an ancient structure created by a lost civilization, or a modern construction few have heard about?
The anomaly was discovered by Mac McIver in 2018 using Google Earth. He is an amateur undersea archeologist and credits the discovery to his career working in the maritime industry, and his deep passion for exploring and protecting the world’s oceans.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Cocos Island on a 10-day dive excursion as a Diver/passenger on Liveaboard dive vessel the “M/V Argo,” and I have ever since been drawn to the area.
Cocos Island is a famous destination with divers, known for the large numbers of schooling Hammerhead sharks that frequent the island waters. While there, the dive company operators “Undersea Hunters Group” had offered me (I’m a certified Submersible Pilot) a Deepwater dive to 1000′ aboard a submarine they use for scientific and tourism purposes.

It was a fantastic adventure visiting and diving the waters around Cocos, and that has led me to return to the area using Google Earth. That’s the background of how I first spotted the Deepwater structure.”

The Pacific mysterious underwater structure is located approximately 50 miles NE of Cocos Island, Costa Rica. It is at 6,000 ft. depth.
The coordinates are 6 deg 04′ 56″ N 86 deg 03′ 16″ W. The Unknown Underwater Structure Is Huge And Resembles A Modern Airport.

Estructuras misteriosas submarinas - Mysterious Underwater Structure

The mysterious underwater structure measures 80 MILES across. The individual runways/roads are approx 5 miles wide and have spans (shadows) that appear to imply that they are raised above the seabed,” Mr. McIver explained. “Now, have a look at this comparison between a modern-day airport and the structure found in the Pacific. The layout of the two has a striking resemblance. The main difference is one is located 1,000 ft above sea level, the other 6,000 ft below sea level.”
Why Would A Large Airport Be Located At The Bottom Of The Ocean?

Without conducting an underwater study, it’s complicated to determine whether the anomaly is natural or artificial. It’s also currently impossible to say how old the structure is.
We asked experts if they have encountered anything like this before?

They suggest that the structures might be simply sonar anomalies where sea bottom side-scan sonar photos when stitched together to create the lines. Yes, you can see “stitches” do crisscross all over the ocean floor. However, the 45deg angles and parallel “roads” connected at this structure look different. It does not appear to be random lines on the seabed. There’s more to be seen here than only
sonar lines, in my opinion.”

Also, the question, why would a massive airport be located at the bottom of the ocean? Well, perhaps at a much earlier time, that part of the ocean was dry land. It’s clear this mystery opens up all kinds of questions to consider.”
The world is ready for new discoveries, it’s time to expand our knowledge,” and we agree with him. Our oceans are full of secrets, and if we take the time to explore underwater realms, we may find incredible structures, new life forms, and discover mysteries we never thought could exist.

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