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By Elizabeth Vásquez 

The Morpho Store company has several years in the market of design, clothing making, decoration, and sale of souvenirs, and we also have our own brand. Many of the products are of our creation, and we serve as support for different producers. We have included artisanal and ethnic products of national and foreign artists. Among those that we add to that list are the Hawaiian sandals that people love and which meet the standards of good quality for consumers, which is a fundamental element for Morpho.


Three years ago we started with a marketing strategy that we called “1st of everything at half price” with the idea that our clients buy at a better price every beginning of the month and at the same time it allows us to renew and implement new products. The most satisfactory part is that we serve current and new clients, who leave happy for the quality and prices. We can proudly mention that most of our clients have become very special friends.

The current times have made Morpho reinvent itself; we use new technologies and have implemented online sales. Through purchases and payments on the Internet with express delivery and mail service for delivery, our customers will be able to purchase the products pleasantly and practically in the comfort of their homes. In this way, we also intend to expand the territory and reach more people. We hope that this transformation of Morpho Store is to the liking of our clients.

Morpho store

Another service that you can also fi nd in Morpho Store is garment fitting and repair. We all have that outfi t that we love and would like to keep but needs repair or adjustment, or we want to make a change for that special occasion. You can count on us to redesign it in the best way.

Morpho Store is a family business in which all the members have been able to use their skills and stay more united, working towards the same goal.

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