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If you are passing through or live here, you do not have to travel far. Everything can be done in Uvita, including revisions after surgery.

The Advanced Dental Clinic Mora & Valdez' team is highly professional. They do not only do regular dental checkups and cleanings but also more complex treatments. They provide solutions with the most advanced techniques in implants, oral rehabilitation, periodontics, and minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry, all to show off white teeth and a beautiful smile.

One patient says: "I have felt discomfort in my gums, which does not improve, even praying and meditating.

I would do almost the impossible to avoid a visit to the dentist if it were not so important.

Then, I take all my courage and go! I have an appointment at Mora & Valdéz Advanced Dentistry, where they give me the warmest welcome. 

They attend me on time. What a pleasant atmosphere, a comfortable chair, and relaxing background music. The doctor smiles at me and asks what brought me here. He listens carefully and then goes straight to the point. "I would like to take an x-ray," he explains. "Mmmhh, that could take a week, and in the meantime, I will continue to suffer."

"Don't worry!" he says, "the x-ray equipment is right next to our office." 

 "After 15 minutes, we check the picture on his computer screen." "Here," he says, "there's the problem with that tooth. It can be solved, but this one is loose and has an infection." "I'm afraid that means pulling it out, and then I'll have an ugly hole in my beautiful denture." It comforts me to hear: "We could place an implant anchoring the new tooth between it and the neighboring one. No one will ever notice it!" he reaffirms.
"Then I have another concern about the cost of this treatment. When I review the prices, I find that they are reasonable."

The Mora y Valdez Dental Clinic in Uvita provides professional service with experience and dedication.
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