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Author: Dagmar Reinhard

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Remy Cailhau is the owner of the brand-new MoodDeporte Shop at Plaza Ventanas. The modern and ample installations display canoes, bikes, even boomerangs, camping equipment, and all sort of accessories. Remy is French, loves open-air activities, and mentions: "I took care of a surf shop in France. For a long time, I had a Shape workshop (building surfboards and windsurfing boards) and organized local and international sports competitions ".

Three years ago, he first visited Costa Rica as a member of the organizer team of La Saharienne 2019. For the first time, the 5th edition of the feminine multisport raid was to be held in our country. During the event, Remy, his team, and the competing sportswomen, who had flown in from Europe, discovered many excitingly beautiful sites apt for adventure sports in the South Pacific. "And it is not only the scenic beauty of the environment," Remy adds, "Costa Rica is an attractive country on many aspects, the culture and vibrant atmosphere of the South Pacific with a particularly pleasant population." The event's organization head-quarter was in Puerto Cortés, and the award party was celebrated in Ojochal. 


Bicycle tours are part of the offer of the sports shop

Remy would soon notice a lack for adventure sports and repair stores in the area with a steadily increasing stream of practitioners and very few proposals. There were not many fun sporting activities for locals, either.

After the epic La Saharienne event, Remy's idea sharpened:  he wanted to develop sports activities and create international events in OSA. You are not always in the mood for the same sport every day. One day, you are attracted by the ocean and want to surf; another day, you want to explore the Wetlands and rivers by canoe or race the magical hills of OSA up and down on a mountain bike. 

Canoe adventures through the mangroves

His store Mooddeporte has a perfect name. Many more outdoor adventure activities offer stand-up paddle, kayaking, balance boards, skimboards, skateboards, and even frisbee and boomerang. Remy is well-equipped with an extensive range of accessories for yoga or other popular activities. 

MoodDeporte offers customized products or designed surf or paddleboards at the on-site workshop. A shape workshop will introduce the construction of surf and paddleboards for those who wish. It is a one-stop location, where you'll find, as well, repair and maintenance services for surfboards and bikes. 

“We consider our store an inviting information point for tourists and locals who wish to organize their sporting activities with tailor-made equipment and services.”


MoodDeporte logo

And one more question for you, Remy: "Can you tell us more about the boomerang?"

The boomerang is an old story and a passion of youth that I bring up to date after realizing a few enthusiasts in the area. Costa Ballena was particularly suitable for this activity with its long-stretched beaches and little wind. It's also an inexpensive activity but still quite demanding. Planned are initiation workshops and why not a competition in the future. 

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