Mercury the Planet of Light and Communication

Mercury the Planet of Light and Communication

Mercury the Planet of Light and Communication

Author: Naïka Gabriel

Naïka Gabriel is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Writer, Teacher, and amateur Herbalist. Naïka has studied astrology since she was 13 years old and earned her certificate in 2014 with the incredible Evolutionary Astrologer Kari Noren-Hoshal. Naïka is forever touched by the beauty of Uvita and the ease at which she can see the stars. To learn more, share questions or inquire about an astrology session, please send an email to:

In the last issue, we learned about the planet Mercury and its importance in astrology. Mercury is all about the exchange between people, the environment, and life itself! How do you see the world? How do you express yourself? Knowing what sign your Mercury is in can give great insight into what makes your mind tick and how you communicate.

To find out what sign your Mercury is in, check out this website and input your birth information: Remember, what you see below are brief snapshots of the essence of Mercury in each sign, not the total picture of who you are as a person. If you have Mercury retrograde when you were born (as I do), the qualities listed below may be expressed differently and potently. Now, let’s explore the different expressions of Mercury through the signs!

Mercury in Aries: You may be a “go-getter.” Straight-forward, sometimes impatient, wanting for things to happen faster than they are. You may also enjoy a good debate. Slowing down to listen will help a great deal in seeing your dreams become reality.

Mercury in Taurus:  You enjoy choosing your words carefully to convey what you mean. You may appreciate the arts, dislike disharmony and think in a way that brings stability and security to your life. When feeling stuck or inflexible, reach out to a trusted friend for guidance. You will be glad you did.

Mercury in Gemini: You have a gift for words and are a swift thinker. You may be very curious and enjoy conversation and gathering information for its own sake. Take some time to indulge your senses or nature to avoid information overload.

Mercury in Cancer: The way you think is colored by emotions. You may pick up information intuitively and possibly have a good memory. Sensitive to people and the environment around you, it is good to take a step back and analyze situations objectively.

Mercury in Leo: Your mind is strong and focused. You may come off as an authority in your field and speak with a dramatic flair. Problem-solving is fun for you. Remember, details are just as important as the larger picture!

Mercury in Virgo: You enjoy analyzing and applying your intelligent mind practically. You enjoy gaining understanding from details and figuring out how things work. Just do your best not to lose sight of the bigger picture!

Mercury in Libra: You value harmony, clarity, and honesty when communicating with others. You are interested in how the mind works and why people think as they do. People are more than they seem. Let others surprise you, and see what more amazing things you can learn about the people around you.

Mercury in Scorpio: You speak with depth, presence, and purpose. Some may even say you are passionate, even if you have a calm, cool exterior. Lean into that passion more. Being vulnerable will set your power free.

Mercury in Sagittarius: You are often concerned with what is right or fair, justice and philosophy. You may have deep insights into what is going on around you. Be sure to consider and weigh facts with what you intuitively know. This will not only make what you share credible, but it will also help you remain grounded in the truth. Mercury in Capricorn: You enjoy using your mind to achieve results. You may be practical, shrewd, and disciplined. You have the capacity to think things through and the patience to achieve your goals step by step. You value ideas that are sensible in nature and stand the test of time. Don’t forget the importance of playtime though as it can lead to great ideas and even better relationships.

Mercury in Aquarius: You think outside the box, and your ideas may be ahead of their time. You have a strong desire to know the truth. You have the capacity to be objective, unbiased, and truthful, seeing and accepting situations and people as they are. Appreciate your unique view of the world. The world will thank you for it.

Mercury in Pisces: You may be imaginative, perceptive, and very intuitive. Ideas may seem to come to you easily, and you may have artistic and poetic abilities. Anchor yourself in the present and be aware of your thoughts and beliefs. You will truly soar when you do!

With gratitude, Your Ballena Astrologist

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