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Meaningful Experiences in Nature

Meaningful Experiences in NatureIf you ask a group of nature lovers if they have experienced memorable events in the presence of a plant, an animal, or an ecosystem, there is a good chance, they will tell you they have. Personally, I have had some amazing experiences.

One day a dolphin approached my surfboard, and for a second it looked like it was smiling to me, in another occasion, a puma looked at me in the eye. I also had the satisfaction of protecting the baby turtles in their initial journey to the ocean.

I remember the first time I went deep into the jungle, under a canopy at least 20 meters high; I felt so small… these experiences, more often than not, give birth to a great love and respect for nature. In my case, they motivated me to study biology, and dedicate myself to natures’ conservation.

Recently, while I was visiting Manuel Antonio Park, I encountered three deer together, two of them escaped right away going into the woods, but the female, to my surprise, stayed eating comfortably in front of me. I kneeled down while extending my hand near to her; in response, she approached me with great curiosity, so close that I could feel her warm breath on my check.

Very slowly, as I moved my hand to touch her shinny coat; she started licking the palm of my hand enthusiastically. Being so close to her, I could perceive the softness of the coat, the many little scars by her mouth, her bright eyes, and long eyelashes, her almost imperceptible breath, and her wet nose…

This curiosity, confidence, and grace, reinforces my believe that inside each being, exist something more complex than just instincts, reflexes, or learned behaviors. There is a being, wanting interaction, if you seek to make contact, you can gain its trust. Living these, experiences make us a deeper human being.

This is why is so important for kids to experience these wonderful events.

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