Matapalo Surprise Pueblo Alegre Cocktail Contest

Cocktailogy (1) (Copy)By Dagmar Reinhard

The Pueblo Alegre Uvita project fundraiser washosted by Pilar Dailinger-Davis (Villas Mareas) and Nate Bright (Tree of life Cabins). The Pueblo Alegre team organized a cocktail contest, and the contenders were Tortilla Flats (Dominical), Restaurant Marino Ballena (Uvita), Bar Jolly Roger (Escaleras), Karen McCrea (Uvita), Antoinette Cárdenas, and Douglas lovison (Puertocito).

The guests voted for the best cocktail: Bartender Josué Arroyo from Puerto Jiménez, who currently works at Tortilla Flats (and was previously at the Nova Sports bar in Escazú), won the contest with his creation called “Matapalo Surprise,” a delicious and refreshing cocktail, specifially created for the hot days.Cocktailogy (2) (Copy)
This ocasion Josué wants to share his “Matapalo Surprise” recipe with the Ballena Tales readers.

In a cocktail shaker, crush mint leaves with white sugar.
Add 15 ml of rum, 20 ml of gin (he likes Tanqueray), 10 ml of Tequila; add soda, a little bit of coke to add color,
and liquid sugar to taste. Decorate with mint leaves. It is delicious!

All the revenue from the fundraiser was used to buy paint for the coming painting parties in Uvita.

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