Massage – Activates Our Internal Pharmacy

Gabriela Villegas masaje costa ballena uvita massage

The benefits of massages are felt immediately - you can be sure of that! At first instance, they produce a sense of deep relaxation and well-being. The parts of the body that generally require massage are the neck, back and waist. Stress generally affects the neck and back. The waist, on the other hand, is mostly affected by bad movements or by loading weights inappropriately. For thousands of years, universally, massage has been considered a restorative means of health. It is not only linked to the relief of stress or pain, but also helps to prevent depression, and increase mental clarity.

Massage activates our internal pharmacy due to the fact that it stimulates our chemical balance, detoxifies the tissues, stimulates circulation, and optimizes the immunological functions. Gabriela Villegas definitely has healing hands. After years of providing services to renowned hotels in the area, she decided to venture into other areas and created GV Massages, a small Spa where, together with her fellow professional therapists, they also provide their services at home.

"The GV Massage Spa is my dream come true, my passion and my way of bringing happiness and alleviating the stress that people even have during vacations. We are three qualified therapists with the greatest desire to turn your vacations into an unforgettable experience full of relaxation and mental health," says Gabriela.”My specialty is deep tissue, a strong and deep massage that relieves contractures. We also massage couples on the beach or at their residence. " GV Massages also offers cosmetic treatments as well as facial massages to improve circulation, alleviate fine lines, and obtain a fresh and rejuvenated appearance. Additional services are manicures and pedicures. The sunny summer days have arrived and you'll want to look perfect in a bikini. If you plan a beach day, make your appointment for a waxing now!

By Dagmar Reinhard

CONTACT: Gabriela Villegas – GV Massages – Tel: 8301 0027 - Instagram: gabyvp94 

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