Marino Ballena National Park : Team Work

Parque Nacional Marino Ballena Team Work trabajo en equipo

Currently, efforts have increased in the management of the waste that visitors leave at the Marino Ballena National Park. The officials of the protected area separate valuable waste such as cardboard, plastic, cans and glass, so that this waste will not be buried in a dump or even worse, reach the sea. This waste is delivered to the collection truck of the Municipality of Osa who finishes managing their treatment.

Since 2017, the park administration has been working together with the Municipality of Osa, the Keto Foundation and the Participation and Governance Program of the Osa Conservation Area. The proposal: a solid waste management plan for the park that integrates the surrounding communities. This plan is in the first stage of research and generation of baselines. It is expected that by the second semester of 2018, the local organizations will be consulted to find solutions to the problem of waste pollution in the Park. In addition to the efforts of our officials, we have the support of local, national and foreign volunteer groups. The growing interest in collaborating with the cleaning of beaches and surroundings of the national park, allows the administration to have extra hands working to have a cleaner park. So the people who visit us can enjoy a healthy and pleasant environment.

Parque Nacional Marino Ballena Team Work trabajo en equipo

It is important to mention that the efforts made during the year 2017 with volunteers and officials gave good results, and now the four sectors of the Park have the Ecological Blue Flag, keeping this award so important for the beaches of the area. There is still a lot to do, and as an administration we believe in team work. That is what we promote from the park and the community.

By Stephanie Mory Villaseñor Sub- Administradora PNMB

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