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Pineapple Tours Kayak & SUP, Mangrove Tour

Kayak & SUP, Mangrove Tour, South Pacific, Costa Rica, Pinneaple Tours

Mangrove tour duration: 3-4 hours, $65 per person 2 person minimum

Tour departure time is based off the high tide


CHANCE TO SEE: Herons, Hawks, Ospreys, Falcons, Kingfishers, Crabs, Monkeys, Sloths, Raccoons, Anteaters, Iguanas, Basilisk (“Jesus Christ Lizards”), Crocs, Snakes, Neotropical Otters, etc, etc, etc......!!!!!!!

The Mangroves are a sanctuary filled with life and riveting beauty. Paddling here takes you into a wonder world of peaceful jungle. This mellow tour guides you through the Hatillo Mangroves, where you can see plants and animals of all sorts. Herons swoop from branch to branch, Kingfishers dive for fish, Raccoons scurry down the tree, Crabs fight for Mangrove root ownership. You will paddle through many sections of the river, passing different types of Mangroves, termite nests, and Orchids hidden in the trees. The river is very calm, allowing an amateur kayaker to enjoy the water, without getting tired or scared. Our knowledgeable guides will take you through the deep, lush mangroves, introducing you to the vast jungle waters, while taking you away from the hot sun and dirt roads. The birds and animals thrive in this sanctuary, so this tour is great for BIRD WATCHERS.

WHAT TO BRING: Hat, Bathing Suit, Sunscreen, Camera, Binoculars, Towel for after


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