MANASSAH, the need for a change in life

Author: Dagmar Reinhard

Manassah is from Chicago (Illinois) and has lived in Uvita for five years. She left behind her job as a court reporter, well paid, and no less stressed in the metropolis of Chicago with a population of nearly 3 million people. The need for a change in her life was prevalent. After volunteering at the Hostel Cascada Verde in Uvita in 2009, she decided to focus on moving to Uvita permanently.

She had the same repetitive dream in the US for a time; she observed herself running in a triathlon. She began training to compete and an injury forced her to visit a massage therapist who recommended yoga. From the first class in 2005, she was impacted by the practice and decided to learn a lot so that she would be in front of a group of students herself one day. She was fortunate to study with the Hindu Master Yogi Hari.

Hari is a renowned Swami, a disciple of Swami Sivananda, a spiritual teacher, yogi, Hindu guru in Vedanta doctrine, and the Divine Life Society founder.

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In parallel, Manassah, for several years, learned Thai massage and the Trigger Point technique. The combined training and years of practice make up what Manassah is today: a dedicated yoga teacher and a great therapist.

In a typical class, Manassah begins with pranayama (breathing exercises that lead to mental concentration) and a short meditation to quiet the mind, followed by the practice of asanas.  There are twelve basic asanas to build a strong foundation , including the well-known salutations to the sun.

A well-deserved Shavasana (relaxation) and the intonation of a mantra, such as OM, end the invigorating session.

Alma de Ojochal Hotel Ojochal Costa Rica

Manassah loves the simple life; she learned Spanish and now even teaches in the language, she enjoys the surf in Uvita and rides her beloved bike everywhere. She radiates a lot of peace and friendship and follows the yoga commandments Give, Serve, Love, Purify. 

Every Sunday morning at 8.30 am, you can enjoy a class with her at the new Yoga Maya Center in Bahia. Drop in rate: $12, packages of 5 and 10 passes available 

The Magic at Scala Restaurant in Dominical 1

The Magic at Scala Restaurant in Dominical

Scala Restaurant & Sibú Café are located at the Escaleras Village. On the Coastal Highway, just a few kilometers South of Dominical or North of Uvita, follow the sign to Escaleras. It offers a gorgeous contour between the jungle and the sea. Village Escaleras is an all-open location with three environments with a cool breeze that blows across the terraces.

It has a hip atmosphere and soothing environment; you feel like relaxing in the midst of the jungle with the ocean showing through the tall trees. The place is so well-liked that most customers come regularly to have an early breakfast or enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner with their family, friends, or business partners. 

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The Magic Of Love Romantic Dinner at Retro Restaurant

A romantic dinner at Retro Restaurant

Retro Restaurant offered a romantic dinner to celebrate the ocassion. That night we can say that the magic of love floated in the place. To complement the decoration, the fine attention, and the special menu that Chef Jordany prepared, we had the opportunity to enjoy the songs performed by Armando Román and incredible magic acts performed by two distinguished magicians,

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui

FENG SHUI, the Chinese art of interior design, brings us success, health, and an “even” better life. Feng-Shui, literally translated as “wind-water,” is the art of living in harmony with the environment. Happiness, prosperity, and health increase. Feng-Shui teaches life in harmony with the five natural elements: earth, metal, water, wood, and fire.

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La nueva condición humana - new human condition

The New Human Condition?

A great paradox encloses the new human condition, even though so many essayists have presented us with such eloquent and diverse points of view. It only amplified this dilemma since probably the best we can comprehend is that this great paradox would be logical, and therefore, its comprehension inaccessible.  

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COVIRENAS – Protecting Biodiversity 3

COVIRENAS – Protecting Biodiversity

Osa is home to 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity. Unfortunately, it has one of the lowest human development indices in the country.
The Osa Peninsula has historically had socioeconomic conflicts that inevitably trigger environmental crimes.

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Tuna are biting like crazy 5

Tuna are biting like crazy

Hello from beautiful Drake Bay, Costa Rica. We are thankful to be back on the water fishing every day. Right now, the Tuna are biting like crazy. There are large schools of Tuna right by Cano Island.

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