Maintenance outdoors, Do it Yourself

Maintenance Outdoors, Do it Yourself

Author: Julio Cesar Fernández Agüero

The dry season is here! The best time to perform maintenance outdoors. We have just faced one of the strongest rainy seasons in recent years. We can observe a more significant deterioration in our buildings and mainly in outdoor areas that were spaces exposed to inclement weather. In the following editions, we will focus on recommendations for doing work outdoors.

Maintenance outdoors, Do it Yourself

Today we will start with the general processes of a repainting or corrective maintenance system on exterior walls with fungi and algae.

First of all, we must prepare the surface properly. Following these steps as a guide will help us to make the painting system successful. 

1- Apply inhibitor and fungus remover, leave to act for 30 minutes, and then wash with a pressure washer to remove all residues of old paint. After cleaning, the surface should be allowed to dry.

2- Sometimes fungi and algae leave a stain on the walls. To remove these stains, we apply two layers of Builders Base stain-blocking sealer to achieve a uniform color surface before applying the paint.

3- Once the sealer is dry, we apply the exterior paint. We recommend a paint like Excello Extreme Climate, ideal latex paint for extreme weather conditions. It offers greater long-term anti-fungal and anti-algae protection, which provides excellent protection in coastal and high humidity environments. It has a high resistance to alkalinity and provides high coverage to achieve professional and durable finishes.

4- It is imperative to respect the time between each coat of paint and other manufacturer’s recommendations according to the technical sheet.

5- A right choice of colors can give us a long time of durability and splendid aesthetics in the finish.

Concerning colors, we have a scanner, and we can also advise you to recommend the newest trends from the most recognized interior designers.

By following these steps, we can ensure that the work will give a good result.

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