Travel Guide and Magazine #75, South Pacific Costa Rica

Dear Reader of Ballena Tales Magazine:

With only six weeks left to welcome 2021, we are proud to deliver you another magazine with 22 good stories for big and small. These tales express the writers` interest and admiration for our beautiful region, known for conserving its unique natural treasures alongside the coastal areas and the beautiful lush green mountains.

Here in this land of calm and peace, life is sweet, food is delicious, and the colors of nature and the abundant wildlife inspire the visitors to become a painter or take home many impressive shots.
After a quite intensive rainy season (that is what we call our winter), we welcome back our glorious summer with its breathtaking sunrises and radiant evening skies.

Until you can visit us, INNOCEANA is presenting the educational marine protection program INNOTALES for kids (you can download it and enjoy it with your family on the computer).

Ballena Tales Magazine, reading in family

Already down here in the Canton of Osa, why not visit the Onsite Museum at Palmar Sur, which displays a very informative exhibition “In Osa, History travels on Bicycles.” And when you instead prefer to visit one of our amazing beaches, why not spend a day at Playa Ventanas with its gorgeous water steaming caves.

Here in Uvita, we welcome new businesses to the area: The exquisitely designed Moana Bahía Plaza, Steve’s convenient Supermarket & Deli, and Yoga Maya Uvita, embedded in a beautifully landscaped and soothing environment. Our website reflects the enormous interest in our area.

Now in the comfort of your personal space, you can read the Magazine or download it. Ballena Tales has a universal reach and a content of presently 2390 articles in three languages (Spanish, English, and German). We were anticipating the present circumstances when the print is no longer sustainable. Our website is robust, fast loading (in only three seconds), and has very significant traffic.

If your business is not present in our media, ADVERTISE WITH US>>>, very soon you will convince yourself that is worthwhile to belong to the best network of the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

Ballena Tales Magazine and our Marketing company Pointing Market wishes you the very best for the forthcoming holidays; come in a bubble and celebrate with your family.

With much love,

Dagmar Reinhard, Editor Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide
Dagmar Reinhard, Editor
Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide

Ballena Tales is a travel guide and magazine covering Costa Ballena in the Canton of Osa in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica. It is a fully bilingual, bi-monthly and full color magazine. The distribution is 18,000 copies a year along the coast to Sierpe and even the Osa Peninsula, including the Palmar Sur and Quepos airports.

The magazine introduces the reader to the life of the local community, with interviews of pioneers, writers, and artists, as well as extensive information on restaurants, hotels, experiences, natural attractions, and wildlife of the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

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Su guía esencial. Your Essential Guide about South Pacific Costa Rica - Alma de Ojochal Hotel

Travel and Service Guide Magazine #76, South Pacific Costa Rica

During 2020, Ballena Tales Travel and Service Guide Magazine has published numerous uplifting, constructive, and thought-provoking articles on nature, people’s initiatives, or a healthy lifestyle. Our contributing authors are members of our community, business owners, and individuals with deep knowledge and love of the South Pacific, thus creating an oasis of inspiration and well-being for you to enjoy.

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MANASSAH, the need for a change in life

Manassah is from Chicago (Illinois) and has lived in Uvita for five years. She left behind her job as a court reporter, well paid, and no less stressed in the metropolis of Chicago with a population of nearly 3 million people. The need for a change in her life was prevalent. After volunteering at the Hostel Cascada Verde in Uvita in 2009, she decided to focus on moving to Uvita permanently.

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Tuna are biting like crazy 1

Tuna are biting like crazy

Hello from beautiful Drake Bay, Costa Rica. We are thankful to be back on the water fishing every day. Right now, the Tuna are biting like crazy. There are large schools of Tuna right by Cano Island.

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My Life expectations Sara Serenella Cattani

My Life Expectations

What were my life expectations when I landed into this wild and lush unknown? “Something else.” On the eve of my departure, I look back at these last four and a half years with a heart full of gratitude. Costa Rica has grown under my skin, and I’ll carry it with me for the rest of my life.

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Authentic CACAO Pura Muba 3

Authentic CACAO Pura Muba

He who is looking for authentic quality cocoa without artificial additives has found the perfect place. The idea for Cacao Puro Muba Uvita came from Mrs. Sylvia Beita. She is indigenous of the Cabécar tribe of Ujarrás. As a child, she learned from her grandmother how to get the best out of cocoa. For five years now, she and her husband Enrique have created artisan products from cocoa beans.

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The new income tax brackets are effective from January 1 to December 31, 2021. An adjustment must be made each year, as provided in Law 7092, and in accordance with the Consumer Price Index.

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Terapia con mascotas, Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy, helps to recover from diseases and mental disorders

Most pets are the best friends of humans. They provide company to man and are very beneficial for their health, both mental and physical. Pet therapy involves your pets to help you recover from diseases and mental disorders. ESA doctors review the benefits of owning pets for your health. ESA is termed as an emotional support animal, and ESA doctors are the medical professionals that recommend an ESA on medical terms.

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Turtles travel far – A historic Register

Turtles travel far – A historic Register

On Saturday night, Óscar, director of the Tortuga Beach Reserve (RPT) in Ojochal, had a hunch and decided to accompany some volunteers who would monitor Playa Hermosa. It is a place that in recent months has received dozens of olive ridley turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) that come to nest.

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SailCargo Ceiba Wooden Cargo Ship


Ceiba has been under steady construction ever since her keel was laid on January 8th, 2019. A wooden cargo ship, square-rigged, powered by the wind and a back-up electric engine, her three masts will propel ethically-sourced cargo from her homeport in Costa Rica via Hawai’i islands as far north as Alaska before returning southbound via Canada, the mainland USA, and Mexico. 

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