Three Times Falling in Love in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is magical - there are lovely and unique places where natural beauty creates a chemistry between two people that feels like you are destined to be together for eternity. It’s happened to me three times over 23 years living and traveling here, and each time I’ve felt like I was falling in love again. 

The first time was at Pozo Azul in Dominicalito. The woman I was with had flown from California to meet me and volunteer with the beach cleanups I was hosting. We had a lot in common already, and I wanted to show her my favorite spots along the Costa Ballena, so I took her to the small waterfall just south of Dominical. There was no one else around, and we sat silently and watched the cascading water into the deep green pool, and used the clay formed rocks to paint tattoos on our arms. 
The second was a few years later. There used to be a great Italian restaurant in Dominical where the Rum Bar is now. It was during a conversation with a new friend that we decided to visit Manuel Antonio.

Three Times Falling in Love in Costa Rica 1

We drove up to the park and then hiked to the Cathedral, a spot where we looked out over the islands offshore and the waves crashing against the coast. There we wrapped our arms around each other and stood together like there was no tomorrow. 

The latest experience in love happened at Envision in Playa Hermosa. Five thousand festival-goers were dancing, partying, and manifesting their best selves in the rainforest, with a beautiful stretch of beach to enjoy the sunset. Surrounded by music, friends, and a vibe that made my heart soar, and it still took me by surprise. With just one look in her eyes and I was enraptured!

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