Looking with eyes closed

Borucan arttist 8Saúl Morales is a professor of Visual Arts and Communication. He spent considerable time in museums studying pre-Columbian art and in European and African schools. For 4 years he has made transcriptions and analysis of the Brünca language, as well as aesthetic analogies of pre-Columbian art to manifest a contemporary form of art in the different creative branches.

His greatest desire has been to show a projection to the indigenous identity and the valuable historical past that is so important for the new generations not only of the Borucas. He is a sculptor, ceramist, painter, and designer with a deep understanding of the Cosmovision. Resorting to the Greek we will discover that cosmovision is a word that is made up of "cosmos", which is equivalent to "order", and the verb "visio,” which means "see".

Art is a vehicle that allows to express or reflect the cosmovision of a person or a group. Through the artistic manifestations, the subject expresses his representation of the world and its values. It is important to bear in mind that cosmovision covers aspects of all areas of life, religion, morals, philosophy, and politics are part of a cosmovision. So, after all, it's about the way a society or person perceives the world and interprets it.

We visited Saúl in a private gallery in Ojochal where many of his works created during the past year are found. Being a good friend who was interviewed several times by Ballena Tales, he taught and explained us the impressive exhibition of indigenous sculptures and paintings. He then emphasized the importance of an analogy for the OcvSa area (now Osa). He is envisioning a stone monument of large dimensions representing the great Chief of OcvSa, with mythical animals and of course the enigmatic spheres, combined in an artistic composition. It would be made from gabbro, the same sort of stone that was used 500 years ago to carve the spheres. The project, an expression of contemporary art in Costa Rica was approved under the scientific, ethnological, artistic, linguistic and spiritual criteria. We will accompany Saúl on his cosmo visional journey. What is yours?

Saul Morales borucan artist, looking with eyes closed.
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