Local guides graduated in First Aid and RCP in Uvita!

BT36 Primeros Auxilios en Uvita #ballenatales

By Dagmar Reinhard

Submitted by Instructor David Flores Segura

Local tourist guides received a ten-week first aid and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training endorsed by the National Learning Institution (INA). A emergency crew was created, and a prevention program was established to avoid and/or mitigate the devastating effect of an emergency, accident, or disaster.

In academic and practical lessons, the guides learned how to treat injured people, how to read their vital signs, and how to attend a person in shock. They performed fire, salvage, rescue, transport, and evacuation drills. They learned how to inspect the personal protection equipment and understood the importance of maintaining un updated list of hospitals, Red Cross, firefighters, and the emergency commission.

The course is endorsed by INA and was given by David Flores Segura, an instructor with 30 years´experience. David is also an instructor of the American Heart Association.

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