Urban Life vs. Life in the Tropics

Urban Living Versus a Life in the Tropics

Author: Kevin Champagne – Osa Tropical Properties

Living in the city is easy. You can order whatever you want to your doorstep. You can expect that things happen on time. Your mail arrives on time. Your food arrives on time. The show begins on time. When you have so many people living so near together, there needs to be order! There have to be options! And it has to be now!

Urban life also tends to be noisy, dirty, expensive, and stressful. As a result, city-dwellers take pleasure in urban advantages, like being able to buy the best and newest things right when they come out. We tell ourselves that we like to go to dark and dingy bars or high-brow restaurants with exorbitant prices and hardly any atmosphere. We claim to like window shopping and being able to go to art galleries whenever we want. And we tell others that we enjoy the changing of the seasons.


Urban Life vs. Life in the Tropics

When considering moving to the tropics, it may seem like a big trade-off to miss out on your favorite brand of peanut butter or being able to take an Uber everywhere. Sure, the capital city has those amenities. But they are either lost or greatly minimized once you leave the big city behind for a simpler, coastal jungle lifestyle. You will find that there are so many more things that are a trade up in the tropics. You will hardly find any gear-grinding, smelly, smoggy traffic. The people you see regularly have friendly, smiling faces.  And the warm, welcoming weather and vibrant nature will blow you away every day with their pure and soothing majesty.

Life in the tropics may not be for everyone. I know that it’s not. There have been many who have tried hard to make it work and not found their place in our Southern Zone, away from their familiar creature comforts. Those who stay go to bed and wake up feeling incredibly grateful to be here. And occasionally, we get to ask our visiting friends and family to bring us some of our beloved peanut butter brands. 

We, lovers of our Tropical Properties, see life here as a big trade up from where we used to be. If you feel ready for your life in the tropics, too, contact me for more information about what the dream life is like in South Pacific Costa Rica.

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