Learn to fly or love your Frustrations!

Butterfly - Photo Matthew Kritzer

Butterfly – Photo Matthew Kritzer

This article is only for people who feel frustrated now and then. If you are one of them, read on.  If the world is always a happy place for you, stop reading!

Ok, you are still here. Good. Let me ask you a question first. What happens to you when things do not work out the way you expect? Maybe you get angry, shout, yell, cry, feel disappointed, try harder or kick your dog/wife/husband. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure. Your energy starts flowing! Your blood begins to move faster.

Great! You live. Maybe you do not like it at that moment, but you need it! Sorry to tell you, but it is for your own good. Let me explain it with a little story, which inspires me every time.

Once a man was watching a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. It took the larva hours and hours to fight through the skin of the cocoon. After a few hours, the man could not stand this fighting any longer. He felt pity for the larva and decided to help. He took a scissor and cut the cocoon open. The larva fell on the floor and started to move around, but not to fly, never opening its beautiful wings. It could not open its wings. The process of fighting through the cocoon casing was essential for the wings to develop, having life energy flow through them. Due to the man´s ‘help’ the butterfly never reached this condition. It was never able to develop itself and died soon after.

This story helps me when I feel frustrated. It reminds me that I will grow stronger from this experience; it will make my wings stronger. To live more and better, and to learn how to fly!

I wish you good frustrations and excellent growth!

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