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Le French Café
Plaza Bahía Moana

Author: Dagmar Reinhard

Le French Café at the brand new Plaza Bahía Moana stands out for its innovative decoration. The large terraces welcome the sea breezes, and there are comfortable seats, a well-equipped bar, and display cases with delicacies in bread, desserts, and sweets. When the sun goes down at dusk, a magical change occurs at the bistro-like place, and the atmosphere is dyed a serene blue. 

The menu is very varied; there is something for every taste: Breakfasts throughout the day, Crepes, Yogurt Bowls, Toasts, Croissants, Quiches, sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, and French specialties. Great choice of French wines and the cocktails, oh la la !!

Le French Café - Plaza Bahía Moana

Since he was a child, the young manager, Simón Michel-Ximay was baking with his grandfather and father, owners of bakeries in Montepellier (France). In 2010, the family moved to Costa Rica, and in the same year, they opened the well-known Pancito Café in Ojochal.

After finishing his degree in tourism at Universidad Latina (San Isidro), he did a three-month internship in Manhattan, New York. The gastronomy opportunities in this city tempted him so much that he decided to stay a while longer. Three months resulted in three fruitful years. He worked with the famous Italian chef Jonathan Benno, some time at the renowned Lincoln Restaurant (3 Michelin stars), a place as exquisite as La Mercerie and the Chinese Tuxedo in China Town, all of them in New York. He improved his English. He refined his knowledge in cocktails, polished himself as a sommelier and barista, in French and Mediterranean cuisine, fine dining, and running a bistro.

When he returned to Costa Rica in March of last year, his parents introduced him to their project: Le French Café in the elegant Plaza Bahía Moana. Simón accepted the challenge, and together with his family and professional team, they opened the bright and airy restaurant at the beginning of November 2020. Simon was in charge of creating recipes for the menu. His mother, Mireille, was dedicated to decorating the cafe, and his father, Philippe, the brain of everything, managed operations and technology.

Bonne chance and best wishes!


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