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Latin Rhythms at the Sud Restaurante


Likewise, residents and visitors look forward to Saturday, the day Latin dance lessons are taught at the Sud Restaurant in Ojochal. Alex, the owner, teaches rhythms such as salsa, bachata, cumbia, merengue, and sometimes chachachá. The site is spacious and beautiful. In the evening, the lounge is transformed into a dance floor. Diners, and public, sitting at the spectacular bar, watch the dancers and listen to the flavorful rhythms (often there is live music). No wonder someone gets up, and joins the group.

"People love to dance," says Alex. "Some friends asked me to teach a few steps. So we started eight years ago in Coco Lindo (remember?). And now it's the fourth season in Sud. For everyone, locals, visitors, young and not so young, dancing is a way of distraction, exercising, having a good time with friends, and meeting people."

Latin rhythms are danced in a couple and are always in fashion. Salsa and merengue have an Afro-Caribbean origin, are fast-paced and practiced to the sound of Puerto Rican, Colombian, or Cuban music. Bachata, of the bolero family, has a more sensual rhythm.

Sud is about sharing, enjoying the show, and dining. The restaurant offers exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and a wide selection of wines. Aurelie, Alex's wife, says the food is made at home, even ricotta for the ravioli filling. "You will feel like in family. If your health matters to you, be assured that the ingredients are organic and locally sourced. Vegans will delight in our options, and children will be happy too."

At the end of the night, Alex and Aurélie close the event with a perfect, loving dance presentation with a lot of chachachá!

 "I can't handle so many ladies, Alex says, I'm inviting the dancers of Costa Ballena to participate in our nights of hot latin rhythms at Sud."


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