Trincheras Culture Center

Language of Dance: Language of Being

By Richie Rodríguez Ruiz

"Life is movement, in every movement poetry can inhabit, that is, in the body, there is always the possibility of poetry, art, and dance.”

The body is the first reference of the being and the movement is its language. It is for this reason that dance is found in any transcendental manifestation of human development, from ritual dances, circus, classical dance, folklore, to urban dance styles. The body has been the setting for the imaginary, emotions, stories, and poetry, among others.

The dance either in its professional or recreational scope maintains a wide spectrum of styles and techniques. Among the first that were created is the ballet, implemented by Luis XIV known as the «Sun King.»  since then, countless artists have devoted their lives to the exploration of movement and the body to create a language, such as in the case of Isadora Duncan, who broke with the ballet schemes and gave life to modern dance.

Language of Dance Language of Being

A great variety of artists have also done so until they reached contemporary techniques, influenced by urban and popular culture. In this context, our bodies also include emotions, the imaginary, and the soul, that means dance does not only involve the physical body.

This year, the First International Encounter of Contemporary Scenic Art P. Escena took place from June 28 to 30 at the BMS Theater and at the Trincheras facilities in Pérez Zeledón. This festival hosted artists from countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Costa Rica, who shared their art and their being, through dance and movement in the five functions of this festival. We celebrate this event focused on enriching culture and art in the southern zone of Costa Rica.

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