La Ceiba, a Pioneer Sail Cargo

Sail Cargo Carbon Negative Marine Freight Carbono Neutral Velero pionero

The first rays of tropical sun begin to heat the day not long after the earliest light at the eco-shipyard in Punta Morales, Costa Rica. Ceiba, the pioneer sailing tall-ship of this project, will have a cargo capacity of 350 cubic meters. She will be carrying environmentally-friendly, ethical goods by the wind power up and down the Pacific Coast of the Americas. Ceiba will be completely combustion free, as a solar- and battery-powered electric engine propels her forward when the airstreams are not present. Emissions that are created throughout her construction or during trade are being offset by a regenerative tree planting scheme. It gives back more to preserving the natural world than it takes, as well as providing sources of lumber for future ships in the line under the name of SAILCARGO INC. This ensures that the entire project is not only sustainable but regenerative for all people and places involved – making it a long-term solution.

Sail Cargo Carbon Negative Marine Freight Carbono Neutral Velero pionero

This ‘jungle’ shipyard where the beautiful wooden ship is currently being constructed is a small paradise of organic fruit trees, unique workshops, wholesome food and a tree house office overlooking the Golfo de Nicoya. Juicy orange mangos, fresh coconuts, and cashew fruits are consumed daily as workers take refuge from the beating sun. Consequently, work begins early each morning as the dedicated team of volunteers and professionals strive to make this special shipyard into the first carbon-neutral one in the world, ensuring the birthplace of Ceiba cohesively combines with the ideals of the entire project - combustion-free and ethical from start to finish. The project is being funded as it happens, by people investing in shares starting with small investments. Already 20% of these have been secured. So if you are interested in getting involved or investing in your future, contact us soon! Together we can #seashippingchange.

By Shani Meintjes

INFO: or email [email protected]

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