Kabe International Academy

Kabe International Academy - Uvita’s new learning institution ~ by Dagmar Reinhard

New school opening in Uvita

The Kabe International Academy is Uvita’s new learning institution that will be opening in September of 2018. Kabe which means Quetzal in the Boruca Indian Language will have an initial capacity for up to 300 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

The International Baccalaureate degrees offered will be accepted not only in Costa Rica but throughout the world. An estimated 20% of the pupils will be awarded scholarships, strongly supporting the community. The founding board co-chairs Caroline & Mike Callero are North Americans with lifelong teaching experience in countries as diverse as Kenya, China, and Germany. They arrived in Costa Rica for the first time in 2003 and are now residents living near Dominical. Both are very excited to be part of the creation of the new bi-lingual School. 

Kabe International Academy - Uvita’s new learning institutionDirector Andrew Shahan and his wife from Guatemala, have recently moved here from New Orleans with their three children. Andrew and the Calleros will be selecting the teachers, through international job fairs as well as in Costa Rica who are closely matched to Kabe's values and philosophy. 

In Kabe, students will experience joy, innovation, health, and creativity by creating links with the community. Students will learn healthy emotional and social attitudes through an education that will prepare them for the digital 21st-century world. Students are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity and investigate the environment.

Using an inquiry-based method that inspires critical thinking and reasoning, the learning experience is enhanced, providing a sense of belonging and commitment. Uvita resident Mr. Peter Marschall purchased the property and financed the initial budget. However, Kabe will be a non-profit institution. Please consider becoming a sponsor or donating directly to the future of our growing community and encouraging other families to come and live here.

CONTACT: Phone 2743-2626 - Facebook 

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