Kabe academy forging bilingual innovators and critical thinkers

Andrew Shahan KABE

The changes in our exponentially technological world are so rapid that they require constant growth. In the innovative, bilingual academy in Uvita, your child will develop love and commitment to the curriculum, complemented by practical periods in contact with nature and the Tico and international community. They will learn the real world skills necessary for the 21st century, to think for themselves, communicate well and question the world.

The Canton of Osa where the new Kabe academy is located is one of the most exceptional places on earth. so a school here had to be so special!

Thus an international group of multilingual parents and pedagogues with a long history in avantgarde learning systems, decided to create a school that truly prepares your children for the future and gives them tools to build a better world. Where they learn to improve their self-esteem, about entrepreneurship, how to build a vision and set goals, and also personal growth and how to stay fit and healthy.

Through encouragement and joy, a very important issues in Kabe’s Vision, children are educated through games. These serve as a tool for the development of passion and purpose. The combination of the last two translates into an imperative sense of belonging and wellbeing.

The spacious and well ventilated facilities of the academy are very easily accessible at the entrance to Uvita, capital of Costa Ballena. This axis of commerce has experienced an incredible boom in the last ten years. Life developed thanks to the proximity of the world famous Ballena Marine national Park, home of the famous «Cola de la Ballena» and the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. On the other side of the Costanera sur there are lofty hills and mountains populated by exuberant flora and fauna. Average temperatures in the Uvita Bahía valley: lower 18 degrees, higher 32 degrees. Humid tropical climate.

By Dagmar Reinhard

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Website: http://www.kabe.life/web/

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