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By Dagmar Reinhard

#kmel #boruca #art #gallery #ballenatales #costaballenalovers #kurandencThe opening of the art exhibit presented by the artist Melvin González Rojas, alias K-mel, was an absolute success. Over a hundred people attended the K-mel’s art event to admire and purchase some of his spectacular pieces. Singer and songwriter Paloma Coronado created a perfect ambiance of unique sounds while playing ancient musical instruments.

K-mel’s art is a reflection of an ancestral world that invokes nature, jaguars, and iguanas; the spheres, mountains, and rivers, as well as the immemorial colonization period. For him, culture has its purest expression in nature.

His audience is always captivated by his fine brushstrokes reflected in the realistic expression of his characters, and the mystic and profound message of his paintings.
When he was seven years old, he was involved in his father’s workshop, the master mask maker. He learned from him everything about the Borucan mythology, traditions, and legends; his father taught him how to carve the wooden masks the villagers would use during the famous “Devils Dances.”

In 2008, he began to express through paintings on canvas a variety of stories and spiritual themes. In 2012, he had his first exhibition under the name of “Identity, Myth, and ancestral legacy” at the Museum of Costa Rican art, and in 2013, another display titled “Following the Footsteps of the Jaguar.”

The art exhibit at El Castillo Hotel in Ojochal stayed open to the public through July 18th 2014.


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