JUNE 15th- International Tree Day

pintura-ojoche-ballenatales-tree_dayFrom June 13th to 15th – the 5th annual Ojoche tree (brosimum alicastrum) celebration will take place.

The ojoche is our Ojochal community’s identity symbol.

Ojochal was named after the Ojoche tree, which used to grow abundantly in the valley before the devastating clear cutting took place, and the land was turned into pastures.

Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group of people in our community, the Ojoche is becoming well-known again!

ojochal-tree-planting-guests-gaia-ballenatales-tree_dayIn 2009, the local women’s group AMO ~ Ojochal Women Association, planted the first Ojoche tree near the library, this group strongly believes in the importance of bringing back the Ojoche into our daily lives.

In 2012, AMO became a member of the newly created committee destined to develop the community program “Viva el ojoche – el ojoche vive,” giving birth to the following initiatives:

  • Reintroduce the Ojoche tree as the symbol of identity and history in our community.
  • Develop the Ojoche route, which is the town’s perimeter in where more than 80 trees have been planted.
  • Create a brochure about Ojochal and the Ojoche route.
  • Set up the ‘Ojoche day’ annual celebration to awaken the awareness of children and adults around the importance of the tree, and the countless benefits it brings to the community.

productos-hechos-con-harina-de-ojoche-ballenatales-tree_daySince our Ojoche trees have not produced fruit yet, AMO has been buying the ojoche flour from a women’s organization in Nicaragua. We put together a little recipe book, which we are selling with the flour. The profits obtained from these activities are destined to support the project.

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