Julia Is Happy When She Can Be Creative

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A year ago, Julia McClurg moved from Denver, Colorado, to the little town of Ojochal, where she lives with her dogs. She found her passion for art in Denver while she was studying graphic design; afterwards, she built a great reputation as an artist through the display of her art at veterinary clinics and coffee shops. She took beauty courses, played music in a punk band, and published a music magazine. The most prominent and stable feature in her life has always been a profound love for animals all of her goals are coming to fruition here in Costa Ballena, where she finds supreme stimulation for her art. Her love for wildlife enriches and nourishes her life greatly awakening in her the desire to give back a thousandfold for what she is receiving. #mcclurg, #painter, #dogs, #ojochal, #ballenatales, #puravida #costaballenalovers,
She fell in love with the pureness and cleanliness of Ojochal since the first time she was invited by a friend, a long-time resident in the village. Here, surrounded by nature, her inspiration flows without limits. She paints mostly dogs with incredibly expressive eyes in oil or acrylics. When we visited her studio, she was preparing for her “Sea Dreaming” exhibition at the Citrus restaurant in Ojochal.
She loves to be involved with animal rights, is a vegetarian, and created very successful facebook pages. among her plans for the future is the establishment of a rescue center for animals in Costa Rica.

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#mcclurg, #painter, #dogs, #ojochal, #ballenatales, #puravida #costaballenalovers #enjoy

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