Join the Migration!

Join the Migration!

Join the Migration!

Author: Michelle Kloosterman

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Four times a week, I throw on my backpack and start hiking up the mountain. I have been preparing in Uvita for the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT): one of the world's longest and heaviest long-distance hikes (4286 kilometers). Starting in April, I will be walking from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada through the United States. 

Michelle Kloosterman wants to walk with the whales

A simple life

The idea to hike the PCT has been lingering around for years. Not many people will consider this one of their greatest dreams, I do! I would love to experience what it is like to live very simply, immersing myself in nature and discarding anything non-essential. We think we need many material things, but I believe we don't. I long for exploring the beauty of the wilderness, to which I feel very connected. 

Passion for nature

Since I moved to Costa Rica, my love and fascination for nature have become more prominent. By coincidence, I contacted Innoceana: a young international non-profit organization in Ojochal, which is committed to preserving the ocean through education and innovation. I wish to connect a bigger goal to walking the PCT rather than just challenging myself. I wanted to combine my love for the ocean with it. Together we have set up a wonderful project called 'Join the Migration.' Before and during my trip, I want to raise money for the endangered whales along the Pacific coast. I hope to raise awareness of how important these animals are for maintaining healthy oceans. The whales swim along the coast to AlaskaThat is crucial for a healthy planet and, therefore, for us to continue living on this earth. I have been lucky to spend a good part of my life on the ocean through sailing and surfing.

Fishing nets

Uvita, the home of the world-famous Whale's Tail, is one of the most important places on the whales' migration route.
Here two migrations of whales, one migrating from the North Pole the other months later coming from the South Pole to have their calves their young and preparing for the long ride back home. In April, the humpback whales retreat along the coast back to Alaska; at the same time, I will start walking. I'll be walking with the whales! The animals are becoming increasingly threatened due to commercial fishing and plastic pollution. They need our help. With my campaign, I want to initiate lasting change and empower people to contribute to active change, however small that change may be.

Join the Migration!

Recently, Innoceana performed an impressive rescue mission for a mother whale with her calf. They were caught in fishing nets that commercial fishermen had left behind. They documented this rescue in the documentary 'Entangled in Costa Rica'. 

Innoceana needs at least USD 100,000 to help convert the humpback whale migration route from Costa Rica to Alaska into a marine protected ​​area (MPA) and train rescue teams to rescue marine creatures from nets and plastic. You can follow my six-month hiking adventure through the United States via Instagram. Donating for the protection of the whales can be done via the website.


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