Integrative Healthcare

~ by Lana Grier

There is a growing number of people these days who are turning to a holistic way of getting their health and wellness needs met, in a more integrative way.

Integrative Healthcare

Integrative Healthcare

By integrative, we mean they are recognizing that there is not only one way that fits everybody’s needs, and that people respond differently to treatment. More people are using these complementary therapies and getting results.

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) includes those modalities that complement, but do not replace, medical models of healthcare. These include (but are not limited to) everything from art therapy, massage, reflexology, chiropractic, yoga, counseling, nutrition, and fitness.

Complementary alternative medicines and therapies have a long-standing history, although they are sometimes challenged for not necessarily being evidence-based. As the demand for such therapy increases based on experiential evidence, more research is being conducted to support CAM’s benefits. 

The skilled integrative health and wellness practitioner values other healers and respects the limits of their own knowledge.

Working together with a good understanding of the other therapies, these practitioners will refer you to other trusted healers when they recognize the added benefit another therapy could provide. This includes referring you to a medical doctor or a naturopathic physician. 

As an integrative healthcare practitioner and Natural Health Consultant, I have worked alongside multiple physicians, naturopaths, and CAM practitioners. From professional and personal experience, I can tell you that a team of healers provides the best opportunities for optimal health.

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