Innovation: New Ideas Shape Towns Playa Dominical Beach innovación: nuevas ideas dan forma a pueblos

Dominical, new Ideas to Shape a Town

Those who have lived in Dominical more than 10 years have seen the town go through various changes. As a result of the global recession in 2008, times got tough for Dominical for several years. More businesses were closing than opening and a stretch of dirt road still separated us from the central coast. Since 2009 a toll road connects the capital to the Pacific and a new stretch of highway (#34) now links Quepos to the southern zone of the Osa. This area is now much more accessible. The sleepy town of Dominical has since woken up with a fresh perspective, and creative entrepreneurship to shape town of Dominical and the surrounding areas. An increased demand for organic foods and handcrafted goods has ignited well organized weekly farmer’s markets in both Dominical and Tinamaste favoring local producers. New restaurants, cafes, a spa, a brewery, surf camps, hostels, and specialty markets opened or recently upgraded. Older businesses have changed ownership and there is no doubt that there is a new energy in town. Dominical is growing and those with a niche are finding success. If you have an idea for a business venture, now is a great time to put your dream to the test!

Innovation: New Ideas to Shape a Town - Playa Dominical Beach innovación: nuevas ideas dan forma a pueblos

In a small but growing town there can be a lot of opportunity for the savvy business person, however just as in anything you do, be conscious of your impact on both the environment and others around you. How does your business help others or contribute to the community? In this small but cohesive community, a business must have a synergy to last. When local businesses support each other in this synergistic flow the town thrives as a whole. That being said acknowledges the current state of the town and helps it grow responsibly. The possibilities are seemingly endless!

By Trevor Brown

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