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By Dagmar Reinhard

In 1930, indoor soccer was born in Uruguay when Uruguay’s team won both the World Championships and the gold medal at the Olympics. Due to the lack of soccer fields, the Uruguayan children started to play at basketball fields. It is how “Futsal” was born.
Each game lasts 40 minutes, with two periods of twenty minutes each, and there is a ten-minute break between the two periods. Futsal coexists in two governing bodies: FIFA and FIFUSA, replaced by the AMF (World Futsal Association).

Here at Rincón de Uvita we interviewed Carlos José Arias Quiroz and Hexel Acuña, both coaches for female futsal (level 1) in the Costa Ballena Sports Association. Futsal Uvita brought together former futsal players from Uvita, Playa Hermosa, and Bahía. Every Monday and Friday, the team is enthusiastically training at Bahía Salón Communal. On Saturdays at 6 pm, they have friendly matches in the Rincon de Uvita.
The girls take it seriously; they want to represent the Southern Zone in the National Championships from April to June 2015. If you want to become a member of this team, please go to Rincón de Uvita, where you can try out.
It is a very innovative group. To raise funds for the purchase of their uniforms and to cover transportation costs, they sell typical food by request.
The group’s motto is “Nobody reaches a goal in the fist try, or perfection in one correction, nor height in a single flight, but if you persist you will build your dream every day.”

iNFO: Futsal Femenino Costa Ballena – Rincón de Uvita – 8898-6658 o 8887-8194

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