Imagine Yourself Being “Pure Life!”

~ by John Bisner

Why do Costa Ricans use the term "Pura Vida" so often? 

The expression has been present in their feelings and language for the last 50 years. For the Ticos, the meaning of "pura vida" is deep; they feel it and they wear it tattooed in their soul. These two words give off the flow of a peaceful and hardworking culture that loves life; the Ticos feel GRATITUDE for what God has given them. With pride and a smile on their faces, you will see them happy in this majestic country regardless of the adversities they face daily. 

These two magnificent words are interpreted in many positive ways as "calmness, peace, enjoy everything in life, everything is fine, a “hello”, a “goodbye” with a sincere smile, this is life and I am happy”, and more. Then, “Pure Life!” simply means that no matter the problem or current situation you are going through, there will always be a person more unfortunate than you. If you think about it, you’ll realize that where you stand is not so bad; no matter how little or much you have, you need to learn to be happy, show gratitude for life.

There’s nothing you can take when you depart from this world. 

Life is short, you have to learn how to live it; it is best to do it with a "pure life" attitude, which could be seen as a gift and a legacy of the Ticos to the world, so people may think and be transformed positively. Costa Rica has no army; living in peace and tranquility is the "PURA VIDA” way of life which lies in the humility, simplicity, and heart of every Costa Rican. Share with the people the best life can offer you; discover the peace and tranquility of nature, the warmth of its beaches, and the warmth of the Ticos, who are "Pura Vida" - Pure-Life.

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