“If You’re not Feeling Good, Travel Wide.”

by Perry Gladstone

“ If you’re not feeling good, travel wide.”

Every time I hear Bob Marley sing this line in his song ‘Soul Rebel’, I am reminded that the best way to open ourselves up and get out of our funk is through new experiences. Whether down the road or across the globe, travel engages us in new places, people, and paths. It gives us a chance to see things from a fresh perspective, demands that we make new associations and, hopefully, beliefs around what is possible.

Perry´s dog

Without new experiences our mind becomes set in its way, inflexible. Doing the same thing over and over may provide comfort but it also inhibits new ideas and greater possibilities. Rather than walk the same path every day, try a different route to work, home or the store, and take note of what you discover.

See what landmarks look like from the other side, who else is there and how it feels to be there. Try booking a night somewhere you’ve never been so you have time to explore, sign up for a workshop or class you know nothing about, read a book you’ve never considered and stretch your brain a little more than usual to see what sticks. The more we try the better we become at being ourselves.

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