Humidity affects the Structures of your Construction

Humidity affects the Structures of your Construction

Author: Julio Fernández Agüero.

At this time of year, we have the most significant amount of rain in our country, which could cause humidity problems. Due to this, the constructive structures are more affected by the aesthetic point of view by the appearance of fungi, algae, and other microorganisms. They can cause dark brown, black, orange, and red stains.

If we do not act in time to treat this condition of nature, we could not only lose aesthetics, but we can also put the integrity of the structures at risk, and it could even affect our health. Uncontrolled humidity in a confined space could cause allergies and even respiratory problems. To prevent or correct this condition on the market, we find various types of paint that help us control the humidity effects both indoors and outdoors.

Various products are used to control the humidity outside, but the known ones are waterproofing agents and 100% acrylic resin paints with the latest technology in a matte finish.

Waterproofing agents such as “Sherwin Williams Aqualock 8000”  is a product used to waterproof concrete slabs, exterior walls, roof surfaces, among others. This product has a self- crosslinking technology that allows the paint to bind the molecules better and achieve better waterproofing. It also provides more flexibility and better elongation. As if that were not enough, this paint is also heat insulating. It manages to reduce the substrate’s temperature by up to fifteen degrees Celsius.

La humedad afecta las estructuras de su construcción

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On the other hand, in the Costa Ballena Painting Center in front of the National Bank Uvita, you will find the paint “Excello Extreme Climate by Sherwin Williams.”  This is a paint designed for exterior walls in severe environmental conditions such as structures facing the sea, in the middle of the forest, outdoors, among others. This matte finish paint allows the walls to breathe moisture that has been absorbed by capillary action, avoiding blistering of the paint and subsequent damage to repellants or masonry. Also, this paint has encapsulated fungicides that achieve protection against fungi, algae, mold. We can prepare it in more than 8000 colors. I will be happy to advise you.

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