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AUTHOR: Karolina Magdalena

The beauty of Costa Ballena makes it a stunning place to visit or live. The surrounding ocean, rivers, waterfalls, even trees, and the sounds of animals offer a dream-like place to be and a powerful opportunity to rest and heal. Even if such a blessing should make us constantly happy, sometimes we feel tired, stuck, or lost. It is entirely human to feel that way, even in paradise. 

When times are hard, turning to nature is the best medicine you can get. Whether asking the ocean to wash off your sadness, touching a tree to give away your negativity, or watching a bird to ease your thoughts—allow them to reconnect you with your heart. What also helps is your gratitude. Appreciate the gifts of nature in the form of nutritious food and outdoor space to move freely. Be mindful. Observe the colors and sounds around you, breathe deeply, and acknowledge that even such beauty is only temporary, and so is your sadness or worry.

If those simple things still don’t lift your heart and you miss some answers, seek guidance and more profound healing. While there are many healing paths, I encourage you to stay close to nature. After years of working as a natural healer and moving my sessions from an office to outdoor spaces and my simple beach hut, I can confirm that naturenot miracleschanges people's bodies and lives. 

Combining nature with energy healing techniques such as Reiki (channeling energy into your body through healer’s hands) allows creating of a gentle and, at the same time, powerful tool to facilitate relaxation, initiate body regeneration, remove heavy emotions, and bring physical as well as mental balance back. I enriched my Reiki sessions with nature-inspired meditations, organic essential oils, and stones to further strengthen that combination. You can enjoy them on a massage bed at my secluded hut or under trees away from the streets and rush. 

Also, my tarot readings are accompanied by fresh local fruits, herbal tea, and beautiful trees to create the most favorable space for transforming someone’s life. It is one of the most peaceful ways to ease your mind. In this case, nature fuels my intuition to guide you towards embracing your past, understanding the present, and creating a future fully aligned with your heart. 

Wherever you are, slow down for a moment. Don’t be indifferent towards nature around you and how you feel right now. Have you noticed? You’re never alone. Smile. And whenever you need me, I invite you to reach out.

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