Hello Summer! We Welcome You!

Hello Summer! We Welcome You!

Author: Beth Sylver

I recently took a five-day virtual conference about Equine-Assisted Therapy. Many different presenters, workshops, and training videos wholly opened my eyes to a new way of looking at life. There were three major takeaways from the conference I’d like to share!

The first thing from the conference that struck me as critical to fully living is never stop moving. We’ve all gotten stagnant lately, and sometimes we need encouragement to get ourselves up and active. It’s proven that it is through movement that our bodies and minds continue to grow. When we rest, we rust!

Now that Summer is upon us, it’s time to welcome family, friends and visitors from around the world to come and see this lovely place we call home. I invite you to open up these people to new experiences and take them to places where there is something to learn about our extraordinary area.

Hello Summer! We Welcome You!

Take them on a coconut or coffee tour. Take them to a wildlife sanctuary, go for a riverboat ride, or take a kayak tour through the mangroves. Explore a waterfall, a nature reserve, or take a horse ride on the beach! There’s so much to learn from the lovely local people, and we all know how happy they are to share what they know with us. There’s something to be said for furthering our education and expanding our minds to new things! 

I was also super excited to be reminded of the importance of being playful, which I think we all forget as we mature. I was so grateful to be taught how vital it is to connect with our inner child! Let’s see if we can get away from being so serious. 

Seek and create fun, have a dance party, even by yourself! I often find a space on a wall in my house where I can see my shadow. Next, I put on some super danceable music and do what I call “Shadow Dancing”! Get a hula hoop, play ball with your dogs, rediscover what it feels like to be lighthearted. 

Then, share these ideas to create an elevated level of fun with all those around you. Remember the beauty of real laughter and how contagious it is! Pura vida!

Travel and Service Guide Magazine #76, South Pacific Costa Rica - Alma de Ojochal Hotel

Travel and Service Guide Magazine #76, South Pacific Costa Rica

During 2020, Ballena Tales Travel and Service Guide Magazine has published numerous uplifting, constructive, and thought-provoking articles on nature, people’s initiatives, or a healthy lifestyle. Our contributing authors are members of our community, business owners, and individuals with deep knowledge and love of the South Pacific, thus creating an oasis of inspiration and well-being for you to enjoy.

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Hotel Alma de Ojochal Hotel

Alma de Ojochal Hotel

The Alma De Ojochal Hotel is, as the name says, “the soul of Ojochal” and is in tune with the spirit of Pura Vida on the South Western coast of Costa Rica. Here you will have the feeling of enjoying life to the fullest, embracing experience and adventure in a very relaxed atmosphere.

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Ventanas Beach 1

Ventanas Beach

What a beautiful spot. You will now understand why people love this secluded beach, surrounded by lush rainforest and lined with palm trees. It mostly has calm waves. The shallow waters are safe for children (always under their parents’ observation and paying attention to the lifeguards’ alerts.)

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local economy - economía local

How YOU can help the local economy

Indeed, most of the Costa Ballena region is dependent on tourism. Given that as the background, we hear from our homeowners, clients, and the social media channels: What can we do to help with the local economy?

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Where does your native timber come from?

Where does your native timber come from?

Most of the construction on the Costa Ballena and Osa Peninsula is done by hotels and second-home builders drawn by the lush rainforest. Native timber feels like an obvious choice: who doesn’t love a handcrafted Cristobal door’s luxury?

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travels by bicycle

In Osa the history travels by bicycle

It is an exhibition with identity, designed by and for the inhabitants of the Osa Canton. It is a temporary exhibition “In Osa history travels by bicycle,” which you can admire at the Finca 6 Museum site, in Palmar Sur.

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teenage monkeys, monos adolescentes

The Strange Behavior of a Gang of Teenage Monkeys

The whole gang of teenage monkeys turned tail, ran for the fig tree, scuffled for a position, and ascended to the crown. Once safe from the mother raccoon, they seemed to lose interest in her, like a person trying to forget an embarrassing incident and pretending it never happened. The monkeys returned to their vagrant behavior, and mama continued about her business with her cubs at her side.

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