HeaLynn Essentials

HeaLynn Essentials

Author: Pura Bee Amor

We, Carlos Guadamuz & Heather Sanden, are grateful to be a part of this Ballena Tales issue and to share our bee love with you! We do this through bee services, bee care, workshops, tours, and consciously co-creating natural medicines and products.

As local bee guardians of Playa Hermosa de Osa, we have been rescuing, relocating, and mindfully caring for these “bee-loved” creatures for more than 4.5 years. What started as a rescue and #savethebees passion project has authentically grown to manifest beautiful visions and dreams in our personal and professional lives. Through investing much time, energy, financials, and experiences ... we continue to grow.

HeaLynn Essentials

Similar to the bees in constructing their fantastic structure, the honeycomb, there is a great deal of patience, love, and effort. The foundation of their beehive provides many uses and benefits we may utilize every day - pure beeswax. Beeswax is nothing new, as it has been used in medicine and household items for thousands of years.

These Healynn Essentials include the Release Salve (optional CBD) that supports many respiratory and circulatory issues; an amazingly effective, deep jungle-approved Bug Shield Salve; multi-purpose lip and skin spot balms with the ability to personalize for your specific needs and desires; and our super specialized ocean reef AND child safe 'Sol Essentials' sun protector packaged in recycled bamboo containers.

HeaLynn Essentials
HeaLynn Essentials

We collect the beeswax from the Apis Mellifera species at our Pura Bee Amor Farm. We are bestowed with extra beeswax when cleaning their homes, harvesting honey and removing the entirely capped frames, and downsizing bee homes due to conditions.

Including our pure beeswax base for our line of Healynn Essentials products has been a gift. They contain local pure, organic ingredients and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

These "pandemic products" projects were created when Heather couldn't travel and purchase the products she typically utilized for her well-being, massage, and energy work clients ... so she decided to try and create her own, even cleaner products. And so she did! And then continued to develop others that would support the Costa Rican jungle life

HeaLynn Essentials

What an adventure and a blessing! To continue to witness the wide range of benefits shared by customers, friends, family, and clients are even more impressive than I imagined initially.Made with love, we are delighted to offer these Pura Bee Amor gifts in various online and on-site shops and markets. 

Learning from and co-create with the bees has been and is such a magical experience. We would be honored to share our Pura Bee Amor with everyone, whether connecting through our rescue and relocation care services, social channels, on-site workshops and tours, local farmers markets, events, or providing bee homes for you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further interest and questions about our Pure Bee Love products, services, workshops, and tours.

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