Food, Health & Exercise

Food, Health & Exercise

Food, health & exercise influence your body condition. Costa Ballena is an utterly fertile region, as the large number of Fincas down here shows. Many of them are run by expats who have turned their back on the “industrial world” and now want to find back to the roots, growing their own fruits and vegetables; mostly organically, and often even using the cultivation method of our grandfathers, called permaculture.

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This, of course, benefits nature and also the health of the consumer, as these pristine methods spawn products full of nutrients which the body needs but which get lost in conventional agriculture. If you’re interested in learning more about the healthy food grown in this area and where you can get it, visit a farm or read our articles!

Of course, a healthy lifestyle is not only made up of a balanced diet but also of a certain amount of exercise. 

Read on if you want to get more sporty and are looking for possibilities to do so in Costa Ballena!

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