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Have you ever asked yourself what a hashtag is? You may have seen the symbol presiding the word #Facebook or #Twitter. Get to know what they are and how they can be helpful for us!

By Gustavo Agüero

A hashtag represents a topic. However, depending on the web service, hashtags can indicate different things.
In microblogging services, a hashtag indicates a single topic where anyone can contribute or give a personal opinion by typing after the message a key phrase prefixed with the hashtag symbol next to the message. For example:
Life is better at the beach. #LoveCostaBallena
Subsequently, a user can search
#LoveCostaBallena group and this message will be present in the search results along with other messages with the same hashtag. The massive search result of the same hashtag determines a trending topic.

The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) room refers to a hashtag as a means to indicate the topic of the conversation, which is used for multicasting. Users only receive messages that share the same hashtag, leading to what is known as a chat room.

Hashtags are not case sensitive, but CamelCase (capitalization of each word) is often used for better readability.
While hashtags are known thanks to Twitter, they existed long before. Subsequently, they were incorporated into other web services like YouTube, Google Plus, Taringa,, and Menéame, among others.
Start using hashtags to highlight our area, for example, #LoveCostaBallena!

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