Happy Birthday, Costa Rica!

The fifteenth of September: Happy Birthday Costa Rica!

~ By Robert E. Rodgers

This year instead of the typical fireworks, advanced imbibing, over-eating at the BBQ, all of those things normally associated with Costa Rica’s birthday party, this time I decided to celebrate with a better “real estate” gift to the girl (Costa Rica). However, being one of the most biodiversified countries in the world, what does one gift to the one that seemingly has it all?

banderaKeeping in mind the translation of Real Estate to Bienes Raíces, good roots, there are several gift ideas. It is so easy, fast, and inexpensive to simply plant a tree because they serve as the lungs of not only Costa Rica, but of the entire big ole blue planet, which we all must share. Or, and this one keeps “giving” all year long; I could resolve to better manage my water usage by such simple things as a brick in the toilet tank or not letting the water run while brushing the ole choppers.

Or, we could go off in the gift direction of a more esoteric or academic mindset and promise to take a good hard look at the notion of Natural Capital and the financial boom it will create for Costa Rica, and the fact that Natural Capital-related programs have to come along with an overall austerity program. Could this mean Financial Independence? That would be a great gift, no?

What were you thinking about for the birthday gift? It doesn’t matter if we missed the 15th to give Costa Rica her present;

We can do that any day during the year. Pura vida!

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