Growing in Real Estate "The Sky is the Limit"

Growing in Real Estate “The Sky is the Limit”

Author: Dinia Otárola Céspedes

Starting in Real Estate is the least expected adventure that I would have ever thought of. Just about four years ago, I didn’t know what Real Estate really meant. It triggered a series of activities, both of a commercial nature, dreams, and personal inspirations.

It was a friend who introduced me to this world. I must admit that it did not seem so fascinating at first, since I bet on other types of activities, so his offer of “in the office where I work we need a secretary” seemed enough to me. 

That is where my curiosity was born little by little, followed by a series of training courses that today allow me to say that doing Real Estate is not just handling a second or more language. To practice Real Estate, you must have the expertise and personal skills, aptitude as well as attitude, adequate customer service, empathy, honesty, being good at listening, knowing how to paint with words when describing a property, being in constant training, learning new technological tools, being innovative and much more.  Above all, you have to be very patient since patience is the key that determines success both in this activity and in any other that you decide to undertake.

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As in any commercial sales activity, you must have an inventory of the product on offer to sell. When you are new as a real estate broker, you might not have that inventory, or it is of limited availability. One way to increase inventory is by working collaboratively with colleagues, promoting another broker’s property, and dividing the profits evenly once it is sold. However, the ideal will always be to expand your inventory by capturing properties for sale. It is essential to mention that when it comes to capturing properties, they should be in the area of ​​influence. It minimizes transfer times and maximizes the time to show the property to potential buyers. 

When representing a client, be it a property buyer or seller, always remember that you are in the presence of a trusting person in the skills you have as an agent. Being a good real estate agent is not easy since you must have commitment, professionalism, credibility, and confidentiality.

A phrase that has marked my stay at RE/MAX We Sell Paradise since I started working in this office in 2017 has been the one that Broker Heather Mann has repeated to me countless times “The sky is the limit,” and yes, she is right, each person sets the limit in his mind. From my other Broker, Zbigniew (Ben) Bodzak, I have learned that there is always room for a joke, a smile, and a coffee. 

I nearly forgot to mention that now I am also a real estate broker.

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The new income tax brackets are effective from January 1 to December 31, 2021. An adjustment must be made each year, as provided in Law 7092, and in accordance with the Consumer Price Index.

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