Go Organic!

 ~ by Luba Niko Nikolayev

Organic” is a label given to agricultural products grown and processed in a natural way, without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, and other agrochemicals. Surprisingly, Costa Rica uses 7 times more pesticides per hectare than the USA, and has the highest amount of pesticide use in the world, averaging an astonishing 18.2 kilograms of agrochemicals per hectare. 

When digested, these chemicals damage the gut flora and start leaking into the body.

Symptoms include allergies, headaches, birth defects, sterility, weakened immune systems, autoimmune disease, and increased risk of cancer. Children and fetuses are most vulnerable because their brains, bodies, and immune systems are still developing. Exposure to these toxins at an early age, especially in the womb, may cause developmental delays, behavioral disorders, autism, motor dysfunction, and a lowered immune system. 

Go Organic! - Osa, Uvita, Costa Ballena - Ballena Tales

Eating organic goes beyond fruits and vegetables, and is important to apply to meat as well. Organically raised animals are not given antibiotics, growth hormones, vaccinations, or animal by-products. These animals can graze outdoors and are generally kept in healthier conditions, decreasing disease naturally.

By asking our farmers for organic meat, we value the health of animals, our bodies, and all the ecosystems we impact. 

There is hope! Awareness is on the rise, and new laws coming into effect in July 2017 will make it more difficult for pesticide permits to pass or get automatically reissued in Costa Rica. It's time to take our health into our hands and vote with every dollar or colón we spend for a cleaner way of life.

Choosing organic products keeps your family healthy; they are fresher, richer in nutrients, and much easier for your gut flora to get along with. You can buy organic food at your local farmers market and speak directly to the farmers about their practices to make sure they are sustainable for our bodies.

Eat organic and enjoy real food while helping to save the planet!

Farmers Markets: Tinamastes: Tuesday 8 AM-12M ~ Dominical: Friday 8 AM -12 M ~ Uvita: Saturday 8 AM -12 PM

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