Girls and Horses

Chicas y Caballos Horses and Girls

It is amazing when like-minded people unexpectedly unite. In the story of Chicas y Caballos (Girls and Horses), four women met and realized they had something in common— their lifelong love of horses. They shared stories about how the horse ranch was their happy place for peace and play. The benefits they experienced with horses made a significant impact on who they are today! Cynthia wanted to start a new program benefitting local girls. She is certified in equine assisted learning and runs programs at Rancho La Merced. Equine assisted learning is a hands-on method of personal growth with an emphasis on doing rather than talking. Through a variety of specialized group activities, the horses make the learning process fun and interesting. Cynthia, Patricia and Marie became friends and began working together on the program. Patricia speaks Spanish and brings her love of horses and nature to the group. Marie has been involved in the Equine Industry for over 35 years and shares her knowledge with the team.

Beth was visiting Rancho La Merced and had a chance conversation with Cynthia. The two made an instant connection and ideas started becoming realities. Beth has been around horses for 45+ years, teaching riding lessons and hosting children’s horse camps. On May 7th, CyC had its initial group meet at ranch. It was amazing to see the happiness and bonds being created between all the participants. From the very beginning, the four women were brought back to their childhoods and realized how important the emotional relation can be between a girl and a horse. The first session, CyC worked with the Coastal Church’s Oasis Women’s Program. Annie, Julie, Marty and Stacey coordinated the communications and transportation. Other volunteers include Annie, the Ranch’s Ismael and our stars, the horses. The goal is to make a positive impression on the girls while teaching them about responsibility, trust and building healthy relationships with themselves and the horses!

By Beth Sylver

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