Fusion Restaurant

Fusion Restaurant - The blending of culinary worlds

~ by Annie Drake

The blending of culinary worlds

A combination of exceptional food and the efforts of a fantastic couple came together to create Restaurant Fusion. Raquel Chinchilla Lopez and Steven Varela Jiménez met at work in the House of Volunteers of the National Parks in San Isidro.

Steven’s family owns an organic farm, and he learned culinary arts at the Institute of Learning. His employment history includes many local restaurants such as Cristal Ballena, Casa Roland and Hotel Del Sur. Raquel soon caught his enthusiasm. Together they started this popular seafood and Japanese eatery. Their exotic cuisine combines elements of different culinary traditions, a modern gastronomical trend that unites and exotic and traditional recipes.

Fusion Restaurant - The blending of culinary worldsUsing the organic produce from his family’s hacienda and the seafood from local fisheries, they provide the highest quality standards. Faithful to the meaning of the word FUSION (blending of different techniques and tastes), the style of the cuisine offers you nothing less than exceptional taste, quality, and presentation.

The professional bi-lingual staff will give you the best one on one service and remember your favorites when you return. Although with such good food, it is hard to have a favorite. Steven likes the Isabeaugui, a sushi roll with salmon and white fish. Raquel prefers pasta dishes like California Shrimp. My house is dangerously close by. So, I am there frequently with friends. My top choices run from the Peruvian ceviche to the fresh Tuna Salad, but I have yet to find something that I don’t like. The preferred dishes of my guests include the Mango Ginger Fish, Tropical Chicken, Grilled T-Bone Steak and the Sashimi and Sushi Rolls. Desserts, good wine, beer and specialty cocktails are also offered and enjoyed!

Go find a favorite of your own! Choosing your preference may be difficult, but it sure is worth the try!

Contact: +506 27865152

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