Fuego Brew Co.’s Mission

At Fuego Brew Co., in Dominical, drinking responsibly is your choice but operating responsibly is ours. The mission is not only provide fresh artisan beer & food, but to create a correlation between craft beer and the eco-sustainability movement. From the brewery’s water treatment systems, to the recycling of bi-product and using eco-friendly products we strive to make a difference in leading by example.

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sustainable living in Costa Rica el fuego Brew

Fuego was designed to be eco-friendly from the beginning. Acknowledging the brewery’s proximity to the river and the high water table, architect Enrique Christopolos implemented a unique water treatment system filtering water in a way where it will not contaminate the river and ocean. As waste water exits the brewery, it passes through a series of bio gardeners “bio-jardineras” where a combination of earth and roots begin the filtration process. Specifically chosen plants known for absorbing water fill the “bio-jardineras” taking water through the process of photosynthesis as they release fresh oxygen back into the atmosphere. After the biojardineras, more water passes through bio-digesters and a box for additional filtration. This “bio-jardin” filtration system is one of few in Costa Rica. While an eco-friendly water system runs throughout the grounds, solar panels on the roof heat the restaurants water and take part in overall electric consumption.

The brewery and kitchen also push towards sustainability. Excess hops, grain and barley from the brewing process become feed for the same chickens that are sourced for the restaurant. Herbs and spices are grown on the property to supplement the locally sourced food. Planning for the future, on-site green houses will soon help in supplying a majority of produce in creating a complete “farm to table” dining experience.

As Costa Rica becomes more eco-conscious, more eco-friendly restaurant products become available making the dream of eliminating single use plastics a reality. Bamboo straws, wooden stir-sticks, and corn based to-go boxes and cups have replaced all plastic alternatives at Fuego. Now that these types of products are on the open market, all restaurants have the choice to take a step in the right direction in limiting contamination and taking care of this tropical paradise we live in.

By Trevor Brown

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