From Regeneration to Sustainability

From Regeneration to Sustainability - An alternative way of life

~ by Chema Medina

An alternative way of life

Chema and Marga have been practicing sustainable and regenerative practices on top of the Coastal Range (just above the biological corridor “El Paso de la Danta”) for over 30 years and been working on an alternative way of life since the publication on “The Limits of Growth” in 1972.

In the years that we have been living sustainable practices like reforestation, biological gardening, waste management, being off the grid, practicing natural economics and vernacular building; these practices have shown us that it is predominantly about regenerating the environment. Chema says: “After obtaining our present farm our approach from the beginning was to do a strategic reforestation program in order to regenerate the existing forests”. They used local species, planting them according to their ecology, taking into consideration their root systems (either to hold ground or to reach deeper into the phreatic table), a food forest for wildlife (also to act as buffer zone around the farm and protect our regular gardens from marauding wildlife).

At the same time, we concentrated in regenerating the soil, by using Efficient Microorganism in our composting. EM that we obtained from the EARTH Institute in Guapiles; that gave us a great insight on how to enhance soil conditions together with carbon sequestering methods. In a matter of a few years our farm became quite productive and very healthy (we noticed it mainly by the absence of flies and mosquitoes throughout). Also we are observing the general condition of the farm by the healthy looking plants that are everywhere.

Regenerative practices in the surrounding environment, also affects your condition. As the ground on which we depend for food and quality of water becomes healthier by these regenerative practices, the whole environment becomes healthier and provides holistic results. Sustainability requires regenerative practices in order that ecology can rebuild on itself.

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