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HeilerinIn Boruca, medicine is a vital element of the culture; it is global and intuitive. The acquired knowledge has been passed from generation to generation, mainly from mother to daughter.

Even today, in spite of the easier transportation to conventional health centers, the ancient knowledge is being preserved because of its valuable contribution.

Don Rafael Angel Rojas Rojas, who is 87 years-old, remembers that in the old days they carried the patient in hammocks 8 km downhill to the Térraba river, where they would travel for two hours by boat to the nearest hospital located in Puerto Cortés.

His testimony indicates he was treated with traditional remedies after being bitten by a snake, not only once but two times.
The knowledge and equilibrium with the environment have always been observed by the ancient cultures, and it shows on features ranging from their specific view of time and space to traditional medicine, where prevention plays an important role.

With locally grown products, more than 46 types of medicinal plants, and snake fat, the Boruca residents cure a wide variety of illnesses applying techniques such as herbal teas, compresses, baths, and the use of incense (burning aromatic dry herbs around the patient).

79 years-old Doña Generosa Maroto Morales is the eldest of the village midwives. Women in the area have the option of giving birth in their homes. When the future mother is ready, she drinks a special infusion to quicken the delivery in a painless manner.

One of the traditional remedies to treat anemia, is the Guâ Dran also known as cilantro coyote, an herb that happens to be a part of the daily cooking.
The people of Boruca believe that with respect, you can get to know Mother Earth, bringing the balance between environment and ourselves.

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