Forging Wings and Expanding Horizons

Learning how to care for the environment, learning English, communicating with other countries and cultures through the Internet, promoting artistic creativity, drug prevention, and healthy leisure activities are the pillars of the new stage the Forging Wings Club is entering.

Forging Wings Club

Forging Wings Club

What does that mean? 30 children living in Uvita will become members of the Kids Club, free of charge. The club is located across the street from the Uvita Public School. Local teachers and volunteers from around the world are joining forces to enhance the skills of young people and turn them into the future leaders of our community.

Currently, the implementation of the Mendez Foundation Drug Prevention Program, as part of our project has the support of the United States Embassy; this is allowing the recruitment of local staff to manage the program.

The children´s favorite activities are conducted outside the center. “We like surfing,” is what the children say.

Every 15 days, outdoor activities are organized; we invite the whole community to help us in any possible way. Some businesses like the Uvita Surf School 360 and La Cusinga Ecolodge, have altruistically contributed their time, materials, and facilities to our cause.

By Susana García Blanco


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