Follow the Roots ~ the Road to Boruca


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By Susan Atkinson

Photo by Pam Capista

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the people living here in Costa Rica? Do you want to learn more of the folklore and traditions? Well, you can! A visit to the village of the indigenous Boruca is a very do-able day trip. You can see weaving and dyeing demonstrations as well as mask carving. There are two routes. Both require a 4WD vehicle.
You go south from Costa Ballena on the Costanera to Palmar Norte. Turn left on Hwy 2, head east approx.25 minutes/25 km, passing four bridges (the last being a long bridge over the Puerto Nuevo River).
A few minutes later, there is the sign “Territorio Indígena Boruca 8 km.” In the dry season, turn left here; this will take about 20 minutes and has beautiful ridge views. At the T-junction, turn on the lower left and go 50 meters to the museum, and park there.
During the wet season, do not turn off at the first sign, but continue north about 15-20 minutes/23 km more; having passed the right turn to San Vito, turn left at Térraba. After 10 minutes on this road, there is a Y-junction, with Flaco’s Bar on the right. Take the left fork. Continue on this road for about 20 minutes passing villages, you will come to a T-junction with a very small grocery store on the right.
Turn left and follow this road until you come to the museum with the stone sphere, then Marina’s rancho. She gives the demonstrations (in Spanish only). You can purchase woven and carved goods, but if you don’t, please leave a tip. t’s best to call beforehand (Marina (español ) 8780 8648 / Susan (English) 2200 5428); lunch is available for $10 per person. A bilingual guide to see the village is $15.

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